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Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon

JUNE 4, 2023



DXA2 Half Marathon, 10k & 5k
Are earbuds and headphones permitted?2021-06-15T20:34:42-04:00

For your safety and the safety of runners around you, we strongly discourage the use of these devices. However, they are (reluctantly) permitted.

Are shirts unisex or fitted?2021-06-15T19:11:30-04:00

The shirts are gender specific cuts and sizes. When in doubt, we suggest you order a size larger. If you prefer a “unisex” fit, you may wish to select from the men’s sizes. You will only be given the size that you requested during your entry. To guarantee you receive your preferred size, register for the race early. Shirt exchange may be available after the race, but this in not guaranteed.

Are there return shuttles from the start lines?2022-05-27T19:14:53-04:00

No. If you choose to park in Dexter or at the 5k start, you must arrange your own transportation back to your vehicle.

Can I defer my registration?2021-06-15T19:32:21-04:00

No. Please reference the BIB transfer options.

Can I get a refund if I test positive for COVID-19?2022-06-03T13:04:09-04:00

Please refer to our refund FAQ. As with any other unexpected issue that may cause you to be unable to attend, all requests for alternatives must be made prior to any deadline.

Can I participate with a baby jogger or stroller?2021-06-15T20:35:32-04:00

Baby joggers and strollers are permitted in the 5K only.

Can I participate with a dog on a leash?2021-06-15T20:36:09-04:00

No pets of any kind are permitted in any of the races.

Can I transfer my BIB?2021-06-15T19:31:00-04:00

If you cannot run for any reason, we recommend you transfer your BIB to another person and consider volunteering instead.

Transferring of a BIB to another person, or another event is easy and can be done online (see linked how-to videos) until the field sells out, or 14 days prior to the race (whichever occurs first). The transfer to another person will only be for the same race for which you are registered. If they choose to transfer the BIB later, they must initiate a new process. To maintain the integrity of the race results and safety for everyone, all participants must be officially entered.

Can my friends, family or kids run on the course with me?2021-06-22T16:38:33-04:00

No. For liability reasons, only registered runners and official race personnel are permitted on the course. This includes the short uphill stretch on Main St. to the finish line. Unregistered runners will be asked to leave the course and may be ticketed for trespassing.

Can someone pickup my BIB for me?2022-06-03T12:58:57-04:00

You may pickup another participant’s packet by showing a copy (ideally a mobile phone image) of each persons’ photo ID that you wish to pickup, including yours.

How do I confirm my registration, shirt size & details?2021-05-25T15:54:50-04:00

You can confirm all of your registration details via your RunSignup profile within 14 days prior to the race.

How do I get an elite entry?2021-06-15T19:07:25-04:00

No complimentary entries will be offered for any of the races. Elite runners must use the online registration process to enter.

How do I obtain a refund?2021-06-15T19:15:13-04:00

Entry fees are not refundable. Prior to the deadline, you may transfer your entry to another person, or transfer to another event.

How do I register?2021-06-15T19:04:45-04:00

Online registration is available for all events until the fields sell out. There will be no race-day registration.

How do volunteers register and what do they receive?2021-06-15T21:04:30-04:00

We have many opportunities to volunteer for this event. All of the tasks are described in our online registration portal where you can choose an area that fits your skills and schedule. Volunteers will receive a custom event shirt.

How many aid stations are on the course?2021-06-15T21:06:20-04:00

5K: 2 Water Stops

10K: 5 Water Stops

Half Marathon: 9 Water Stops

We will be using a hybrid setup which includes a self-serve, capped 8oz bottle (available at the last table of each stop), cups of water and gatorade at all stops.

Honey Stinger will be available at mile 6 and 9 of the half marathon.

Is race day packet pickup available?2022-06-03T12:57:19-04:00

Race day packet pickup is only available for individuals who paid for the VIP add-on service online during registration. There will be a deadline for adding this service, and there are no exceptions. If you did not add-on race day packet pickup to your entry, you must pickup your packet at the expo.

Is there a kids race?2021-07-14T11:26:55-04:00
What are the COVID-19 policies?2022-04-06T17:04:03-04:00

April 6, 2022 — Through close collaboration with our local health department, medical team, and industry leaders, we have updated the requirement for vaccination or Covid testing.

  1. Vaccination — If community risk levels remain below the orange zone (>10-24 cases/100,000) one week prior to race time, vaccination and testing will not be required.  As with previous communication, vaccination is the recommended method for preventing serious disease and hospitalization from Covid-19 and is strongly encouraged for all participants.
  2. Face Covering — In the State of Michigan, wearing a face covering is not required in outdoor settings. We will follow guidelines from the Federal Government regarding transportation. As of 4/6/22, masks are still required when on shuttle buses.
  3. Social Distancing — Time and space are our friends. We will maintain corrals and wave starts to provide adequate distancing at the start lines and to spread out congestion on the course. As always, overall awards will be based on gun time while age group awards will be based on net time.
What if I need medical assistance on the course?2021-06-15T20:46:29-04:00

A staffed medical tent will be located on N. Main St. just beyond the finish line, and first-aid personnel will be located along the courses and downtown. If you witness an emergency away from support personnel, please call 911.

What is the half marathon time limit?2021-06-15T20:41:41-04:00

The maximum allowed pace for the half marathon is 15 minutes-per-mile (a finish time of approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes). We are required to open the course to vehicles on Huron River Dr. by 12:00pm/noon. If you are not certain that you can maintain a 15 minute-per-mile pace pace through the entire race, please do not attempt the half marathon — register for the 10K or 5K instead. If you fall behind the pace you will be picked up by the sag wagon and driven to the finish line in Ann Arbor.

What is the start line protocol?2021-06-15T20:43:10-04:00

Please line up according to pace in your assigned corral. Put space between yourself and your fellow participants and avoid pushing and cutting off others when crossing the start line.

What is the typical weather on race day?2021-06-15T20:48:57-04:00

The average August temperature in Michigan ranges between 50°F and 82°F. However, it is possible to have temperatures into the low 90s with high humidity. Please dress and hydrate appropriately. There will be water along the course and ice at first-aid stations. If the heat index exceeds 75º, slow down and hydrate more.

What time does each race start?2021-06-15T19:56:44-04:00

10K – 7:15am
Half Marathon – 8:30am
5K – 8:30am

When and where is packet pickup?2021-07-27T14:46:17-04:00

Packet pickup time, date and location details can be found here.

When should I arrive in downtown Ann Arbor race morning?2022-05-28T21:42:26-04:00

We recommend that you plan to arrive downtown no later than 6:45am, so you have plenty of time to find parking. If you are planing to take a shuttle bus to Dexter for the half marathon start, you must be in line for the shuttle no later than 7:15am to guarantee arriving in time.

When will awards be available at the awards tent?2021-06-15T20:55:17-04:00

We will not have a post-race awards ceremony. Overall male, female and masters awards will be available for pickup at 111 N. Main St. after the completion of each race.

Age group results will be available on your mobile device and will be updated continuously until all runners have finished. The top three finishers in each age group can claim their awards at the awards tent located in the Liberty Title parking lot (111 N. Main St.) once officially posted.

Where are porta-johns located?2021-06-15T20:29:21-04:00

Porta-johns will be located in Downtown Ann Arbor, near the Ann & Ashley parking structure. They will also be located near the half marathon start line in Dexter and along the course.

Where are start lines located?2021-06-15T20:31:19-04:00

Half Marathon: Creekside Intermediate School, 2615 Baker Rd., Dexter
10K: Downtown Ann Arbor near 220 N. Main St.
5K: 1655 Newport Rd., north of Forsythe Middle School

Where can I park on race day?2021-06-15T19:47:00-04:00

There are numerous parking options in Downtown Ann Arbor, including parking structures and street parking. View this parking map showing locations. Race activity will be located in the area of the Ann & Ashley parking structure.

Where can I view the course maps?2021-06-15T19:40:52-04:00
Where do I board shuttles to the start lines?2021-12-02T18:45:19-05:00

Shuttles to the half marathon and 5k start lines will be located on Ashley St., adjacent to the Ann-Ashley parking structure.

We suggest that you arrive downtown early if you plan to take a shuttle. If you are not in line for a bus by 7:15am, we cannot guarantee that you will make it to Dexter in time for the half marathon start.

Shuttles will begin leaving for Dexter at 6:15am and run until all half marathon participants get to Dexter, but the race will start promptly at 8:30am. The start line will remain open until any late arriving participants have started.

Where is bag drop located?2021-08-11T14:46:50-04:00

5K —  in the Liberty Title parking lot in Downtown Ann Arbor. There will be no bag drop at the 5K start.

10K — in the Liberty Title parking lot in Downtown Ann Arbor.

Half Marathon — near the start line in Dexter. Bags will be transported back to Ann Arbor after the start of the race

  • Small plastic bags are provided at the staging areas for each race.
  • You may also use your own athletic bag.
  • Your name and bib number must be clearly printed on the bag.
  • Secure the BIB tag from the bottom of your BIB to your bag.
  • Do not leave valuables, breakable items or car keys in the bags.
  • The Ann Arbor Track Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items from clothing bags.
  • Pick up for all bags will be in the Ann & Ashley parking deck.
  • Bags that have not been claimed by the end of post-race cleanup will be donated to charity.
Where is the finish line?2021-06-15T20:32:40-04:00

The finish line is located on N. Main St. near the Ann St. intersection in Downtown Ann Arbor.

Where will the medical personnel be located?2018-10-31T01:01:55-04:00

A staffed medical tent will be located on Main St. near the Washtenaw County Court House. In addition, first aid workers will be on the courses and downtown to assist anyone with a medical problem.

Why does the half marathon start so late?2021-06-15T21:00:41-04:00

Amtrack! There is a train that is scheduled to leave Ann Arbor at 7:50am every Sunday morning. The train crosses the half marathon course at two points between Ann Arbor and Dexter. Sometimes the train has crossed in Dexter as late as 8:20am. The 8:30am start is as early as we can make it. If and when Amtrak changes the schedule, we will adjust accordingly.

Will there be energy gel on the course?2021-07-02T12:51:30-04:00

Yes, there will be Honey Stinger energy gel at mile 6 and 9 aid stations on the half marathon course.

Will there be pacers?2022-02-02T12:53:40-05:00

Yes. Our experienced pacers are offered by the Ann Arbor Running Company. Look for the pace-per-mile signs in the starting corrals to find your pacer. Pacers will coach their group along the way with words of encouragement, and will let you know the current pace throughout the race.

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