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Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon

JUNE 6, 2021



DXA2 Half Marathon, 10k & 5k
Are credit cards accepted at the Expo?2018-11-09T21:52:58-05:00

Credit cards may be used to register for the events. We cannot guarantee that all vendors will accept credit cards at the Expo.

Are shirts unisex or fitted?2019-05-24T13:47:46-04:00

Tech shirts will be gender specific sizes. If you prefer a “unisex” fit, you may wish to select from the men’s sizes. Register early. The deadline to guaranteed a shirt is April 30th. After that, you’ll be able to select from remaining inventory only, while supplies last.

Are there pacers?2019-05-27T20:52:12-04:00

Yes, there are pacers for the half marathon. Look for the pace-per-mile signs in the starting corrals. Pacers will be near those signs.

Can I participate with a dog on a leash?2018-10-31T01:03:21-04:00

No. Pets are not allowed on the course.

Can I participate with a stroller?2018-10-31T01:02:44-04:00

Baby strollers are allowed only on the 5K course. Plan to start at the end of the pack of runners at the start line. Please take extra caution to insure the safety of other runners, yourself and your child.

Can I wear headphones while running the race?2018-10-31T01:04:17-04:00

For your safety, and that of other runners, we strongly discourage using these devices during any race. They are allowed, but we urge you to be very cautious of those around you and all activity on the course.

How and where do I register for events?2018-12-28T17:06:45-05:00

Online registration is available up to May 30. You may also register in person at the Expo if the race of your choice has not sold out.

How do I confirm my registration?2020-01-25T13:51:17-05:00

You can confirm your registration via your profile here on the event registration site.

How do I obtain a refund?2018-11-16T17:31:35-05:00

There are no refunds, you may transfer to another person, or another event.

How do I transfer my BIB, or defer my registration to another event?2020-01-25T14:09:59-05:00

Deferments are not available for this event. If you cannot run for any reason, we recommend you transfer your BIB to another person.

Transferring of BIBs to another person is easy and available through May 24th. (View this How-to Video Here) The transfer must be for the same race in which you are registered.

If you wish to transfer your existing registration to a different event, the deadline is also May 24th. (View this How-to Video Here)

There is a $10 charge to transfer events.

To maintain the integrity of the race results and safety for everyone, all participants must be officially entered. No one will be allowed to participate by using someone else BIB, without officially transferring it before the start of the race.

You may pickup other participants BIBs at packet pickup. You will be required to show a copy or cell phone image of each persons’ photo ID that you wish to pickup, including yours. No exceptions.

How do I volunteer and what do I get?2018-11-15T19:54:56-05:00

You can register to volunteer here. Volunteers perks include a custom event shirt.

We offer many opportunities to volunteer for this event. All of our tasks are outlined through our registration portal allowing you to choose what fits your skill set and availability timeframe.

What is the typical weather on race day?2018-10-31T01:13:17-04:00

For the first week in June, the average temperature range is 55º to 73º, with clear skies and 75% humidity and a 5 mph breeze.

However, it is possible to have humidity approach 100%, a high temperature hit 95º, along with no wind. Obviously, we all hope for cool weather, but we will be prepared with extra water, cups, aid stations, ice and medical assistance as necessary.

If the heat index exceeds 75º, slow your race pace and hydrate more.

When and where is packet pickup?2020-05-22T14:23:08-04:00

In order to provide the safest options for everyone, we’re developing the race week/end packet pickup process, times and location/s during this ever-changing period and will announce as we get closer to race week. Please keep an eye on your email, our website and social media channels for details.

When does each race start?2020-01-25T13:55:13-05:00

10K – 7:50am
Half Marathon – 8:30am
5K – 9:00am

When should I arrive in downtown Ann Arbor of race morning?2018-10-31T00:15:55-04:00

We recommend that all participants plan to be downtown by 6:45am to find parking near the start/finish area. We strongly suggest that all half marathon participants be on a shuttle bus to the start in Dexter no later than 7:15am. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET TO DEXTER IN TIME FOR THE START IF YOU ARE NOT IN LINE FOR A BUS BY 7:15am. Shuttles will run until all half marathon participants get to Dexter, but the race will start promptly at 8:30am regardless of whether everyone has arrived. The start line will remain open until after the participants arrive on the final shuttle.

Where are porta-johns located?2018-10-31T01:07:19-04:00

Water, Gatorade and porta-johns are available in the downtown area for everyone, and near the start line of the half marathon. Water, Gatorade and porta-johns are provided along all race courses and at the finish area.

Where are the start lines located?2020-01-25T13:56:41-05:00

The Half Marathon starts at Creekside Intermediate School, 2615 Baker Drive, Dexter.

The 10K starts in downtown Ann Arbor, at 220 N Main St.

The 5K starts just north of Forsyth Middle School.

If you arrange to be dropped off at the start line, be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes early, due to crowds and expected traffic delays.

Where can I board the shuttles to the start line?2020-05-22T14:24:58-04:00

We’re working out the details during this ever-changing time. Please keep an eye on your email, our website and social media channels for details once they are confirmed. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone.

Where can I park on race day?2019-05-27T20:46:42-04:00

There are numerous lots and parking decks in downtown Ann Arbor. View options here. Race activity is located in the area of the Ann & Ashley Parking Deck.

Where can I view the course maps?2018-11-15T19:49:53-05:00
Where is bag drop located?2020-01-25T14:02:57-05:00

Bag drop off area for the 5K and the 10K is at the Ann Ashley parking structure, near the registration area.

For the Half Marathon, the drop off area will be near the start line in Dexter.

There is no bag drop at the 5K start line.

Small plastic bags are provided at the staging areas for each race. You may also use your own athletic bag. Your name and bib number must be clearly printed on the bag. Do not leave valuables, breakable items or car keys in the bags. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items/bags.

Pick up for all bags is also at the Ann Ashley parking structure. For more details see “Clothing Bag Protocol” in the “Rules of the Road” section of our site.

Where is the finish line?2018-11-15T20:18:46-05:00

The DXA2 finish line is located at the corner or W. Ann and N. Main in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan

Where will the medical personnel be located?2018-10-31T01:01:55-04:00

A staffed medical tent will be located on Main St. near the Washtenaw County Court House. In addition, first aid workers will be on the courses and downtown to assist anyone with a medical problem.

Who gets an award and when?2020-01-25T14:07:29-05:00

Overall Male, Female and Masters winners are presented their award after the completion of each race (see schedule on website).

Age group results are available for lookup at the results tent in the Liberty Title parking lot, located on Main across from the Washtenaw County Court House.

Results will be streaming to the website once the first participant finishes. Updated postings will be made continuously.

Age group awards are handed out at the Awards Tent in the Liberty Title parking lot. If you are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your age group, come to the tent to pick up your award.

Why does the half marathon start so late?2018-10-31T01:21:12-04:00

Amtrack! There is a train that is scheduled to leave Ann Arbor at 7:50am every Sunday morning. The train crosses the half marathon course at two points between Ann Arbor and Dexter. Sometimes the train has crossed in Dexter as late as 8:20am. The 8:30am start is as early as we can make it. If and when Amtrak changes the schedule, we will adjust accordingly.

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